Since the early 1990s, Latin American entrepreneurs have settled in the neighborhoods of Elephant and Castle, in South London, and Seven Sisters, in North London. Beyond simply places of consumption, these two spaces are places of exchange of cultural values and also re-enforce the Latin American identity. Mapping Memories aims to unify the North and South of the river Thames, through visual narratives and oral history, understanding both spaces as a single community. They need to be brought together to face the process of regeneration occurring in these areas.

Mapping Memories also aims to visualise the transcultural dynamics of Latin Americans in London, in order to create a visual library of their practices in the UK. From now, we have exhibited our work at The Koppel Project, as a cartographic interactive process with sounds, dioramas, and videos which detonated some initiatives to help the community in Seven Sisters (the Seven Sisters fundraising campaign) to challenge a CPO [Compulsory Purchase Order] from the council. We have also achieved recognition for Latin Americans in a much broader audience, allowing for a dialogue between Londoners and Latin Americans to appear, reinforcing a type of identity that we called Latin-Londoners.

Here you will be able to see some of the work we have done so far.