The project was done with the curatorial and museographic assistance of the students from the Aesthetics and City seminar, from the University Colegiatura (Medellín- Colombia), Graphic Design program. It responds to the new initiatives of integration and understanding of diaspora communities, in this case of the massive migration of Venezuelans to Medellín.  The strength of the academy is combined with the community and artistic work carried out by various organizations and individuals in Medellín, resisting through art and culture, and thus advocating for the right to the city.

The concept of Graphics and Graphs alludes to the possibility of analyzings aspects of daily life from visuality and writing, which leads us to a look at the situation of uprooted communities in a space host, that is, in Medellín as the city of arrival. The concept of Migrant Bodies alludes to the body movement to be in a place other than the place of birth or place of origin, the corporeality transported to a foreign space is a metaphor of the territory. It refers to how the origins are carried on their shoulders to generate a new meanins in the host place.

Here you can see some images of the exhibition at La Chispa in Medellín, 2019.