From its meanders to the depths of its waters, the Medellín River has been the water mirror, which the city has been looking at. From the begining, the Medellín river was the axis of development for the pre-Columbian communities, however, it is only when the Spanish arrive that they give it the name of Medellín river. Then it was vilely channeled and its meanders disappeared which caused its water to increase speed and that much of the life that occurred there disappeared. Now we look at the river again with the hope of rebuilding the city, creating spaces to look at it and thus reflecting on how we have built a city. From its valley the mountains speak to us to never stop looking at them and make an urban life where each element of natural life feels included. This work talks about the history of the river from the study of its morphology.

Here you can see some images of this work that is still under construction, as the river continues to move.